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Before treating headaches it is important to establish the triggers; for example posture, muscle tension, disc problems etc, before treatments begin.


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There can be a wide variety of reasons why a client has sleep problems, so it is imperative that a thorough questioning is undertaken. Consideration is taken of emotional issues, stress, sleep hygiene and general health. Techniques used will depend upon the cause of insomnia.

Irritable Bowel

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Labour Pain Relief.

Clare previously taught ‘Natural Therapies for Labour’ at Sydney South West Private and Kareena Private Hospitals. Clare teaches birth partners simple techniques to use to help the woman cope with labour pain.

Menstrual Problems

Reflexology may help alleviate menstrual cramps.

Muscular Aches, Pains And Tension

Remedial massage therapy and reflexology are potential treatment options.

Pain Relief

A range of treatments may be used, dependant on the cause of the pain; be it muscular, nerve, metabolic over acidity (which ‘switches on’ pain receptors) etc.

Plantar Fasciitis

Massage therapy is an excellent treatment to help relieve the pain and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Pregnancy Care

Clare is fully qualified in pregnancy massage and has 16 years experience in treating ladies in all stages of pregnancy to assist with a variety of pregnancy related issues including back and hip pain, swollen ankles etc. She is also experienced in treating additional issues with reflexology, including pubic symphysis discomfort.

Reduced Sensation

Remedial massage therapy, reflexology and flower essences are potential treatment options. Read More

Restless Leg

Depending on the cause of the restless leg syndrome treatment may include 'Massage Therapy', Reflexology and / or Flower Essences.


Clare has extensive experience in help with sciatica, using remedial massage therapy and reflexology for treatment.

Shin Splints

Remedial massage is most helpful for this condition. Initial assessment is also done to establish if clients would also benefit from orthotics to help optimised biomechanics and thus further help with pain relief.

Sinus Problems

Reflexology may be an effective therapy for blocked sinuses.

Sports Injuries

With 16 years experience as a remedial massage therapist, Clare is experienced in treating a variety of sporting injuries.

Stiff Neck

Massage therapy and reflexology are excellent treatment strategies for a stiff neck.

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